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Neymar 6 years ago
It's fake 4 sure
Enough of this crap 6 years ago
These fake-cock vids are so stupid.
Laughing 6 years ago
Funny how the negro boys try to one up each other with their add-on dicks.
True story 6 years ago
This brotha was arrested 2 days after this video for a carjacking. He's now in prison taking the pipe.
Deep9 6 years ago
Crazy how the hate is so real. Majority of men want everything about the black man but our struggle, that is why they fear. Want our body, our sex appeal, masculinity, women lusting after us (because we can fuck or make luv) especially the white women, we age well ( not 35, looking like we are pushing 50). White women luv to swallow our babies too btw. Whenever I want to make a bitch gag n swallow. I always find a white girl. Don't blame us, man the fuck up and treat that pussy right
Reality of this all 6 years ago
The guy with the biggest Dick is White and lives in England with 13.7 inches.. lol faaakeeee
its fake 6 years ago
Its a strap you idiots, that's why he didn't take his pants off
@muh dikk 6 years ago
What's one white guy in a suit surrounded by 1000 black guys?
A prison warden
Fake 6 years ago
That has to be fake
Black Man 6 years ago
It's just porn and we all know that dick is fake.